Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remembering 9-11

Sunday we were able to go to a ceremony that our little town held for remembering 9-11.  It was very nice and brought back a lot of memories.  The scouts from our ward were asked to help with the flag ceremony.  It was nice to see all our boys there helping.  It lasted for almost an hour and was nicely done.  I think it will be a nice little tradition for our family to do in the future.  It got over just in time for us to head to church...yes... Corey was thrilled!!!...thats a long time to be in a suit :)


My birthday was great.  Clint had gone the extra mile to try and make it special for me even though he was 1200 miles a way.  Wednesday night he had set up a little surprise party with the YW for me....it was fun and totally was a surprise to me.  Then he had the kids do things for me on my birthday.  It was just a good day.  Im thankful for Clint and how harad he tried to make my day special. It is hard to have him gone so far away but we will surely enjoy him when he comes home..soon I hope:)

Labor Day 2011

We went to Emmett to spend labor day with my family.  Robert was here from Utah so we decided to go hang out with everyone over there and go to the lake.  We have a great time and made some great memories....Im so thankful for families!!!!

After boating we headed back to Grandma and Grandpas where Grandma had been busy making a huge feast for us...most of which came from their garden. It was sooo good....we always have such a great time in Emmett and it had been a while since we had been there so Im glad we went!!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!
(Oh by the way I stole these last pictures from my sister Mary since I didnt take any after we got back..thanks Mary!!!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend we traveled to Las Vegas with my family for the funeral of my Uncle Steven. He had been sick for quite a few years. I am so glad I was able to go to the funeral. Uncle Steven was a very amazing Man and I new that but I didn't realize how much. His kids gave terrific talks at the funeral. I will always remember Uncle Stevens smile. I dont think I ever saw him without a smile. I came away from the funeral being so thankful for the privilege of knowing my Uncle Steven and wanting to be a better person. He was sooo service oriented!! He loved his family so much and I want to be just like him!! I am glad to be a BRINKERHOFF...they are some amazing people...well you knew that right!! hehe
Well, after the funeral my kids and I took advantage of being in Las Vegas and went and took in as much as we could!!! WE had such a great time just being together...It was HOT!!!! to say the least..111 degrees but we didnt seem to mind..we cooled off a lot by going in the casinos and seeing things. We walked somewhere between 6 to 7 miles.. a little more than we planned...one guide told me how far we had come and I told him I wouldnt tell my kids till we got back to our room for fear they would kill me. Corey was a trooper and stuck out everything just like the big kids..we were all exhausted by the time we got back to our room at 1 in the morning but we had a great time so it was worth it.

as soon as we got to Vegas at 10:30 p.m. and opened the car door and that 100 degree weather hit us...oh my!!! We stayed at the Stratosphere so we ventured to the top of the building to enjoy the view. Mary and her family were the only ones that went along with us.

We got up the next morning and had to leave for the church at 8....

After the funeral we went to the top of the Stratosphere again to see Vegas in the daylight. Then we began our journey.....

Corey would have been thrilled to stay at CIRCUS CIRCUS all day long. It would have been fun but there was just too much else to see....

Corey LOVED the pirate show...a ship sank and there were cannons shot off and tons of fireworks and fires. It was so fun to watch his face..here we are waiting....

FINALLy....after all the walking we made it to the M&M factory

after all our fun we decided to find the Monorail to ride back..I knew we were not going to be able to walk all the way back ..it was almost 11...we had to still walk about a half mile from the last stop of the Monorail. We enjoyed staying at the Stratoshpere but it is a long ways from the main part of the casino..but we wouldnt have been able to go the top of the space needle thing if we didnt stay there and that was definitely a highlight.

The next morning we woke up and got out of the motel by 9:00 to head home...but we decided to stop at one more casino on the way home. Uncle Kent has told us about a Casino that you could see mermaids swim..so we had to see that.

So that was our trip...it would be so fun to stay a few more days in Las Vegas. there are so many things to see. We had a great time together and I am so glad that I was able to remember all the fun times and fun things about Uncle Steven and a rejuvination to be a better person. I am so blessed!!!!!

Costco Adventures

We always have an adventure when we go to Costco and this day was no different!!!!!

Bus Ride

Corey likes riding the bus and it is so fun watching him and Corey leave in the morning. The kids get a big kick out of asking Corey questions about his day and all the funny things he says about school. Corey sings songs from school all day long and it has been fun to see him adjust to going to school..he has done great!!

Update on Clint

Clint is still working in North Dakota. He was able to come home for all of the Flower harvest which was such a relief to me!! We had a great time doing as much as we could while he was home. It was so nice to have him around all the time...it was like a vacation for us...he took Craig to school every day which was special for Craig. I heard hinm tell Corey the other day that they wouldn't have to ride the bus when Dad came home. Clint is so good to do things with the kids as much as he can. He missed us terribly I know and we miss him. He started a new job a couple weeks ago which he will be working 4 weeks on 2 weeks off. That will be great to have him home for two weeks every once in a while. He is doing good and tries to stay as busy as they will allow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of School 2011....

Here we go with the first day of school...this is not my favorite day at all. I love it when the kids are home. I love that they like school and enjoy being with their friends and learning lots. We have had a fun fast summer..crazy how fast. This is going to be a great school year too. First of all Corey is going to Kindergarten..how could that be!!!! He is excited and a little nervouse. Craig will be in real junior high..switching classes all day...he is taking AP classes already..and Freshman math..What a boy..Heather is crazy busy with life already...she leaves at 5 in the morning to swim from 530 to a little after 7..then heads to seminary at Valliuvue 0 hour. Homedale gave her first hour free so she would be able to do this..then at 830 she heads to Homedale for the rest of her school day..after school she has a couple of different jobs she will be working at. She is really getting serious about swimming and is representing Valliuvue on their High school team. She is doing extremely well and will hopefully qualify for nationals by March and yes she is getting skinnier all the time...we all need to head to the pool:)

Yesterday I rode the bus home with Corey so today I took pictures of him getting off the bus cause I forgot to take the camera..he loves the bus even though he is on it for an hour coming home..he jumped off today and said that was a lot shorter than yesterday...whatever!!! goofy boy!!..heres hoping he doesnt get in trouble as Amber did :)

Where Does The Time GO!!!!!

Oh dear!!! A lot has been going on since January and I am such a slacker!! I havent even been very faithful in taking pictures but here I go to give you a fsst undate on the last 7 months and a picture overload..I am going to try to go backwards so it stays in order..I may have some things out of order too so just enjoy and I will try to be better at not getting behind..no promises though!!!

School is about to start so the kids have been doing a lot lately to cram in everything they can before it starts. We have had a few trips to roaring springs..of which I did not take pictures..but we had a blast!!! It is so fun to have fun with the kids and just enjoy life..I am so Lucky to have the greatest kids ever...and I miss them while they are at school!!!!

We have had a great time this summer with Heathers swim meets..She is so diligent in her swimming and trying to get better..we are so proud of her...


We discovered layered drinks this summer and Craig has had a blast creating these with Corey...

More with Craig and Corey

Fun times only on a farm

Always finding time to swim...

We were given Meridian Speedway tickets and had market that day so we were tired and also had things to get done at home..Heather was busy..so Amber willingly took the boys to the races..They had a blast and I know it was a special time they spent with Amber...Thanks Amber...your a great BIG Sister!!!

Amber was lucky enough to go see Tim McGraw with Brenda

GRADUATION DAY for Amber!!! So crazy to think she has graduated..just yesterday I remember putting her on the Kindergarten bus and then crying my eyes out. Time has flown by. We are very proud of Amber and her accomplishments. She has taken school to its highest level..taking all AP classes and receiving a lot of college credit already. She is ranked in the top 5 in her class. She has studied hard and played hard. Good Luck Amber in your endeaveors!!! We know that whatever you do you will put your very best into it because that is who you are. You are AMAZING and we LOVE you unconditionally!!!

Amber graduating from the nursing program..she is now a CNA.. we couldnt be more proud. She works so hard and does her very best. You will be an amzing nurse and even a more amazing doctor(pediatrician) if you take it that far.

PROM..Amber beautiful as always!!!

Amber had an amazing opportunity to go to Washington DC to represent Idaho for BPA. Remember last year she went to California. She had a great time and I was a little jealous I didnt get to go this time but was thankful she got to go with her teacher this time. She took over 250 pictures so there are so many I could have posted.

EASTER 2011...We had a great party down at Romriells as usual and then a quiet Easter day. We are always o thankful for the opportunity to refekct on what the Savior has doen for us. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives.

Sixth grade Field trip and Clint and I both went..and Corey..it was really fun

Clint worked day and night to get Coreys motorcycle ready for him to ride on one of his trips home...then he spent a day helping corey learn to ride it..of course within an hour he was riding great but then Craig Corey and him spent the rest of the day riding..it was great...terrific memories!!!

Senior/Faculty game..fundraiser for Senior class party..this was the funnest game ever to watch.. the teachers were great sports even though there where about 8 of them and 40-50 Seniors...Amber participated and had a great time.

On day I think during spring break..Corey Heather and I went to bounce with Andrea and Jody and all the younger kids. Craig and the older boys were riding motorcycles I think. It was so fun and I decided we need to go more often

Corey had Kindergarten registration/screening and I was so nervous..he just doesnt even show any interest in doing any things of the sort..I finally got him to spell his name..PHEW!!! He did great at registration and new way more than I thought he did..I am now relieved..he will be just fine..why did I doubt!!

Heather has taken on swimming and swims every day for couple hours and yes she is very thin!!! We have fun going to her swim meets and she is so into it trying to make it to nationals..Way to go Heather!!!!

Last Basketball game for the season...senior night..Amber spent a lot of time gathering things for the Senior boys..She is busy busy busy!!!

Of course we can never let a superbowl go by without having our party!!!

Amber had been very busy this being her senior year and she hasnt let one game go by that she doesnt get completely into the spirit and support her classmates. She has such a great time and it shows...Im glad she is having fun and enjoying her last year